2 Important Factors to Consider when Maintaining your Earthmoving Equipment

Every landscape contractor could use earthmoving machinery for their heavy-duty assignments. From digging to lifting to moving heavy loads, these types of machinery can do the job. To cut downtime, it’s vital to service and maintains your earthmoving equipment. The last thing needed on a site is faulty machinery. Poor maintenance will diminish the lifespan of the machinery, causes repeated breakdowns and costly repairs. Moreover, employees could potentially also suffer injuries or even death resulting from poorly maintained machinery. In this article, we outline two of the most vital factors that contractors should follow when maintaining maximum performance of their earthmoving equipment.

Proper lubrication

Failure to properly lubricate the moving mechanisms of a machinery will eventually lead to malfunctioning. The components will cause further friction which results in the gradual breakdown of the machinery. Subsequently, the longevity of the moving components will be shortened considerably. Therefore, the proper lubrication of the parts should be monitored.

The right amount of lubrication is equally as important as the component itself. Without sufficient lubrication, there isn’t a guarantee that the moving components will function properly. With too much lubrication, the equipment will be unable to handle it properly, which may result in energy loss, seal problems and an excess build-up of grease.

While lubricating, you must only use the lubricant as specifically advised by the machinery manufacturer. Using the wrong type of lubricant may be unproductive or even cause serious damage to the machinery itself.

Proper cleaning

Another important factor for correctly maintaining earthmoving equipment is to clean it properly. Dirt and debris may damage any of the delicate components of heavy equipment which may necessitate expensive repairs. Generally, earthmoving equipment components are incorporated with special filters and seals meant to keep dirt and dust out of delicate areas. In the event of the seal breaking or cracking, all manner of debris can penetrate into the sensitive parts. Additionally, clogged filters are also unable to prevent entry of dirt and grime. As a result, the delicate components may malfunction due to contamination. Any cracked or broken seals ought to be repaired straight away. Additionally, all filters should be inspected and cleaned on a regular when they become clogged or dirty.

Contractors can effectively protect their earthmoving equipment from dirt and weather elements by keeping them in housed buildings. Anything from garages to sheds will do. Simply make sure that the building is cleaned and free from moisture problems. By protecting the equipment, contractors can quell oxidation, dirt build-up, and issues that arise from these sorts of conditions.

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