Advantages of Bulldozers

Adapted in 1920 and used extensively ever since, the bulldozer also recognised as dozer, is a clear descendant of the crawler tractor. Applied in mixture with the earthmoving devices, the bulldozer is a dangerous and crucial device used in most construction sites in the world.

The earthmoving equipment, bulldozer was first manufactured in the United States by some heavy equipment manufacturing companies such as Caterpillar and John Deere. This earthmoving machine offers engineering applications to many fields such as construction, mining, etc.

What are the Components of the Bulldozer?

Bulldozers are characterised for its adaptable track and massive blade is comprised of many engines, construction and pneumatic assemblies. Below are a few important components of the bulldozer:

  • The cab of the bulldozer is made up of rubber, glass and plastic materials that assist in improving the ergonomic feature of the equipment.
  • The undercarriage and mainframe parts of the dozer are fabricated from low carbon structural steel platters.
  • When the bulldozer is filled with various fluids such as oil, hydraulic fluid and duel, its weight expands drastically.
  • The steel components inside the engine can bear the high operating temperatures.

Advantages of Bulldozers

  • Bulldozers are popular for their quality of grasping the ground firmly that gives them excellent strength to pull and shove the obstructions ahead.
  • The tracks of the bulldozer have a strong grip that assists them to undertake the rough terrain.
  • Bulldozers are huge weighty vehicles, making them a perfect choice for cleaning construction sites and for demolition. The excellent quality tracks offer the dozers a distinct advantage permitting them to be constant for their extreme weight.
  • When the bulldozers were used in battle fields, the blades were attached on the battle tanks for clearing anti-tank obstructions.
  • Most of the imitations of tanks attached in the bulldozers can withhold almost 70 tons of weight and are used for military and construction purposes.


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