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Should I repair or replace my transmission and which is more cost effective?

Transmission repair entails that your current transmission will be diagnosed and the damaged/worn parts will be repaired or replaced and a transmission replace occurs when your old transmission is swapped with a new or refurbished transmission. It is best to do a transmission repair when there are minor issues with the transmission or with parts of the transmission and if it is cheaper to repair than to is best to do a transmission replace when the whole transmission is failing or when the transmission is old because in this case when you fix the damaged parts it won’t be long until the other parts that you haven’t replaced start wearing and it will end up costing you more. A third option to consider is a complete rebuild.

Why is it important to invest in the maintenance of my earthmoving equipment?

It is important to invest time and money in maintaining and repairing your earthmoving equipment. It may be costly to continuously repair your equipment however if the damage is left for too long or goes unnoticed the cost to repair the same part will be inflated. The sooner a piece of equipment is repaired the sooner it can be put back to use. If the equipment is not maintained its condition will worsen over time and may even reach a point where it is too costly to repair and will have to be replaced which will require you to pay forward a lump sum of money instead of monthly repair and maintenance costs.

When to send your Post Hole Digger for repairs?

There are some signs you should look for to know when to send your Post Hole Digger in for repairs these include: If you feel any unevenness or slight bend while working, if your shovel parts are uneven and there is difficulty opening or closing it, If the blades are broken, bent or cracked, there is insufficient power when using it and finally if there is shaking while using it.

Different Type of Maintenance You Need for Earthmoving Equipment

All businesses working with earthmoving equipment understand the importance of timely maintenance on each and every one of their tools and appliances. Doing so ensures that they last for as long as they are needed, keeps the need for expensive repairs at bay, maintains a safe working environment, limits wastage and much, much more. With… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Investment With Earthmoving Equipment Repairs And Services

When it comes to your business, you always want the best equipment and skills in order to be the best in your industry. That is why you invest in highly skilled and competent employees and managers, as well as getting the best and most reliable machines to be able to do a great and timely… Continue Reading

When To Repair Your Post Hole Digger

When it comes to creating secure structures, we always make sure that we have a deep enough and strong foundation to ensure the strength and stability of the structure. And to do a great job with any construction job, we need use some heavy and strong equipment. They allow us to do the job with… Continue Reading

Maintaining Your Road Roller

Any large piece of machinery has an important role in the construction industry. All the different machines together all make up a great construction job. Each piece plays a vital role in getting the work done, and getting the work done properly so that everyone can use that space safely in the future.  It is… Continue Reading

Purpose & Components of Bulldozers

A bulldozer is a type of heavy equipment capable of transporting heavy materials, clearing rubble and are extremely helpful in the civil engineering field. Bulldozers today are no uglier and heavy to handle. They are fully equipped with electric devices and they also look good. Purpose of Bulldozers Bulldozers are usually inferred to indicate heavy… Continue Reading

Excavator Repairing Tips

Like many heavy duty machines, excavators will also require service and repairs from time to time. However, if you are undertaking any repair on your excavator, ensure you are able to find the areas of concern and closely study the process of the repair. If you find the job is complicated or beyond your knowledge,… Continue Reading

The Importance of Timely Repairs on Earthmoving Equipment

The earthmoving industry knows that one of its biggest concerns lies in the upkeep and restoration of its equipment and machinery. They work under some of the most gruelling conditions, working with weights and pressures that put their components to the test. Then there are the engines, hydraulics, gears and transmissions which will take damage… Continue Reading

The Importance of Dynamometer Testing on Earthmoving Equipment

The performance of the engine on your earthmoving equipment has a lot more to do with it than just power. An optimally working engine will ensure the reliability of your tasks by minimising downtime. It will play a role in ensuring the safety of its operators and will also save your business a ton of… Continue Reading

Using and Maintaining Diff Locks

Your fleet is made up of many essential components which are required to ensure continued operation of your heavy-duty vehicles, as well as the ability to do so safely. One such component is the diff lock, which is important for remaining uniform traction on the tires of your vehicle, and as such, are essential wherever… Continue Reading

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