Maintaining Heavy-Duty Machinery

Heavy-lifting and earthmoving machinery are the pillar of the mining, construction and agriculture industries across the world. These necessary and expensive pieces of equipment must be utilised to their most effective and efficient potential to perform such demanding labour. To guarantee optimal performance of these costly pieces of industrial capital and the safety of their operators, regularly arranged and preventive maintenance is a necessity. Following are some key guidelines to keep the pistons pumping gears and grinding in your own heavy-duty machines.

Keep It Routine

Just like the regular check-up with your physician, a regular check-up on the functionality and condition of your heavy machinery helps maintain the continuity of what is expected and the performance standard of your equipment. Any emergency maintenance and repairs done on heavy machinery are usually apprehensive with human error and performed in a time crunch. Taking all the necessary preventative measures, you are not only guaranteeing the stated lifetime of your heavy machinery, but also keeping operators safe.

It’s this philosophy of consistently maintaining equipment, catching any small problems before they develop into bigger and more expensive ones, that further drives the point of scheduling regular maintenance checks on your earthmoving machinery.

Use the Proper Tools for the Job

Matching your equipment with the precise task that it’s meant to perform requires consideration of a number of variables, including topography, composition of material and elemental effects such as climate, etc. Similarly, it’s important to ensure that all attachments and accessories such as buckets and ploughs are made specific to your machine. Taking the safety of the crew operating this hefty and possibly dangerous equipment into consideration, you cannot afford any speculation here.

Check and double-check all machinery and attachments prior to using them in the field. When replacing parts, don’t just assume the first ones you come across are the right ones for your machinery. Bearings, roller chains, seals, etc., must all be the right quality and size and have the right load-bearing qualities for your machine.

Don’t Over-exert Your Machines

Never go beyond your equipment’s stated performance stipulations and specifications as found in your owner/operator manual. As with any industry where heavy equipment is a basis of operation, effectiveness and efficiency are central to optimal performance and yielding top results for your efforts. Knowing and abiding by weight limitations for loads and inclines for transfer are easy ways of keeping your heavy machinery operational.

Most modern heavy machines come pre-programmed with numerous power modes. It’s vital for operators to ensure that their equipment is set to the right power mode for the job at hand. Furthermore, minimising your machinery’s travel and idle time may add longevity to the life of your assets.

Store Machinery Safely

While performing systematic maintenance checks is a way of preventing damage to your equipment, storing your heavy machinery properly is another necessary method of ensuring optimal and safe performance. All heavy-duty machinery should be kept in a covered, moisture-free storage space with environmental control if necessary. This will help save your equipment safe from the dangers of water, which can lead to rust and corrosion, as well as from the harshness of direct sunlight.

Knowledge is Power

Your machinery is only as useful as the men and women working with it. For upholding the highest standards of operations while minimising risk, everyone in contact with the equipment should be trained and familiar with the proper use of each piece of machinery on the job. For some machines, simple hands-on instruction is sufficient, while others may require special certifications before operating the machinery. Follow your owner/ operator manual and any other official guidelines regarding your specific industry, job type and equipment model before letting anyone take your backhoe for a spin.

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