Purpose & Components of Bulldozers

A bulldozer is a type of heavy equipment capable of transporting heavy materials, clearing rubble and are extremely helpful in the civil engineering field. Bulldozers today are no uglier and heavy to handle. They are fully equipped with electric devices and they also look good.

Purpose of Bulldozers

Bulldozers are usually inferred to indicate heavy machineries, like an excavator or a loader, but specifically signifies a tractor fitted with blades. Bulldozers are tracked tractors with integral metal blades used to drive a large amount of sand, debris, soil and more created during construction. Bulldozers are usually giant and robust tracked equipment. The tracks offer great ground grip and mobility on uneven terrain. The weight of a bulldozer is spread by the wide tracks over a large area. Therefore, the pressure is decreased and the heavy machine is prevented from sinking in sandy grounds.

In addition, bulldozers have a torque distributor that is created to transform the power from the engine into enhanced dragging capability. These machines are able to tow extremely heavy tanks with ease. Because of these characteristics, bulldozers are made to remove obstacles, bushes, trees and roads. They are also used for military operations, farming works and dig out trenches.

Components of a Bulldozer

The key components of bulldozers are the ripper and the blade. Rippers are identified as extended devices at the rear of the bulldozer. This component contains one shank or can be in groups of more, called multiple shank rippers. Single shank rippers are usually chosen for deep ripping when the hard earth is broken for agricultural purposes.

The second component is the blade, which is the metal plate at the front of the bulldozer. This is used to shove soil, sand, debris, etc.

Modifications on bulldozer designs are always being performed to satisfy the changing requirements of bulldozer tasks. Major modifications are performed for the comfort and efficiency of diesel engines. The blades are designed to create telescoping movements.

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