Should I repair or replace my transmission and which is more cost effective?

Transmission repair entails that your current transmission will be diagnosed and the damaged/worn parts will be repaired or replaced and a transmission replace occurs when your old transmission is swapped with a new or refurbished transmission. It is best to do a transmission repair when there are minor issues with the transmission or with parts of the transmission and if it is cheaper to repair than to is best to do a transmission replace when the whole transmission is failing or when the transmission is old because in this case when you fix the damaged parts it won’t be long until the other parts that you haven’t replaced start wearing and it will end up costing you more. A third option to consider is a complete rebuild.

Why is it important to invest in the maintenance of my earthmoving equipment?

It is important to invest time and money in maintaining and repairing your earthmoving equipment. It may be costly to continuously repair your equipment however if the damage is left for too long or goes unnoticed the cost to repair the same part will be inflated. The sooner a piece of equipment is repaired the sooner it can be put back to use. If the equipment is not maintained its condition will worsen over time and may even reach a point where it is too costly to repair and will have to be replaced which will require you to pay forward a lump sum of money instead of monthly repair and maintenance costs.

When to send your Post Hole Digger for repairs?

There are some signs you should look for to know when to send your Post Hole Digger in for repairs these include: If you feel any unevenness or slight bend while working, if your shovel parts are uneven and there is difficulty opening or closing it, If the blades are broken, bent or cracked, there is insufficient power when using it and finally if there is shaking while using it.

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