How to Tell if Your Truck’s Axle Needs Repairs

When it comes to your trucks, their axles are some of the most important components on your vehicle. They serve two crucial purposes. Firstly, they are responsible for transferring torque from the engine to the wheels in order to provide the vehicle with power and acceleration. Secondly, the axle on your trucks is responsible for keeping the wheels in a correct position in relation to each other. Generally speaking, axles are of a sturdy design and as such are one of the more reliable components in your vehicle. Though like all other parts, they are subject to damages from a range of sources, some of which are unavoidable. So, to help you deal with a broken axle before it causes you downtime, here are a few tell-tale signs that your axle will soon need attention.

Bad Vibrations

A vibrating wheel while you are driving is generally one of the most apparent signs of a failing axle, and since its one of the easiest side-effects to check, it should be the one you keep an eye out or the most. If the vibrations only occur when you are cornering, then the issue might simply be with the CV joint of the axle, which is easy and cheap to fix. Though they will still have to be seen to as early on as possible.

Clunking and Banging Sounds

Strange mechanical banging noises are never a good sign when it comes to any vehicle, and your fleet is no different. If your axle is damaged, you will generally hear a loud clicking noise whenever you turn, which will happen as the axle becomes worn down. The sharper the turn, the more pronounced the sound is likely to be. If you have this, it is probably time to have your axle replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Immobile Vehicles

The ultimate outcome of a damaged axle is an immobile vehicle. If the truck starts easily enough, even goes into gear but will not move, then the problem is most likely that you have a damaged axle, and so torque is not being transferred to your wheels, leaving your truck stationary. If this is the case, the damage may have gone too far and so the axle may need to be replaced.

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