These are industrial machines used to satisfy various industrial and contractor requirements. From mining to road construction and civil engineering, excavators can be used in any space that needs equipment superior than hammers and spades. With that said, there exist two leading types of excavators used in modern construction namely back hoe and dragline.

  • Back hoe – This is the most common excavator used these days. Their use is extensively applied to areas that may not be specific to excavation. As the name proposes, a back hoe excavator has a bucket (which functions as a hoe) facing the driver. The bucket is attached to a boom and extracts soil by heaving it towards the driver before lifting. This allows the driver to have a clear view of what he is doing. However, back hoes are somewhat smaller when compared to their partner. They are therefore used in small to moderate requests like foundation building and constructions.


  • Dragline – These excavators are far bigger in size and somewhat different. They are used in extensive applications such as on-surface mining and expansive civil engineering. They can be additionally divided into on-site and standard mobile draglines. On-site draglines refer to huge excavators that are assembled and built on site while standard cranes are usually bigger than back hoes and smaller than on-sites.


  • Suction excavators – These are also recognised as vacuum excavators. They use a suction pipe that carries away loose soil and debris, cut by means of sharp teeth at the edge of the pipe. A water jet is typically used to loosen the ground before excavation begins. Suctions are mostly used in delicate circumstances that require careful and safe identification of underground elements.


  • Long reach/long arm – As described by the name, these are excavators with long arm and boom segments. They are typically used for destruction/demolition tasks like knocking down walls and procedural structural crumpling.


  • Crawlers and compact excavators – Crawlers are high horsepower excavators used in mining and additional hefty tasks. Compact excavators are common machines used to lift soil and debris by means of hydraulic power mechanisms.


Excavators are generally grouped as industrial machines used in any procedure of digging and soil lifting. There are numerous types of excavators obtainable in the market. Most of them display minor manufacturer differences, although their functionality is relatively similar.

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