Earthmoving equipment is extremely pricey and complex. Therefore, there are several things one must do in order to keep it safe and operating properly. Tools and equipment that function properly have a reduced chance of causing injuries. This is extremely important since many workers are injured annually by earthmoving equipment. Keep your tools, equipment and workers safe by following these six tips.


  1. Clean your Earthmoving Machinery correctly

A wonderful way to keep earthmoving equipment and tools protected is to clean them. This kind of equipment has to do tough and dirty work which may change the performance of the machine. Because of this, earthmoving equipment and all the parts should by cleaned correctly.

Dirt, debris and grime will begin to accumulate in parts of the equipment. These tools and parts will become damaged or they will eventually stop working if not cleaned regularly. One should only clean heavy machines with chemicals the manufacturers recommends. This assists in avoiding damage to delicate parts.


  1. Train Employees on Machinery Operation

Your machinery’s tools and parts are in danger of becoming damaged or broken if an untrained employee attempts to operate the machinery. The worker is also then in danger of becoming injured. In order to protect your equipment and employees, all workers are required to be correctly trained on earthmoving equipment.

Have a qualified worker look around the area you are about to use the machinery in, and allow them to do a risk test. They are able to take a close look at the machinery and environment to ensure it is safe and meets requirements before operating.


  1. Lubricate the Equipment

Heavy earthmoving machinery, parts and tools will become damaged if they are not correctly lubricated. Moving components need lubrication for the frequent movement causing friction. To keep this safe, every joint needs to be lubricated as well as other areas. This needs to be done regularly but not to be overdone, as excess lubrication leads to grease build up.


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