A few types of earthmoving equipment

A few types of earthmoving equipment

The thing about the earth is that it is hard and its elements are heavy which makes earthmoving a difficult task. Professional machine operators use huge machines in order to dig into and move earth. There are many types of earth moving equipment and each one has its own unique function. They are heavily used in mining and construction.

The most common piece of earthmoving machines that you are likely to see along the roads of South Africa are, fittingly named, Road Rollers. They are used to compact the ground beneath them in order to lay a road, pathway or drive way over the compacted ground.

Hydraulic hammers are extremely effective in shattering rocks and concrete in order to clear a construction site. They are also heavily used in areas where blasting is going to be done and, they can help shape the result of the blast by drilling holes or cracks into certain rocks along the rock that is going to be blasted.

Pile drivers are another type of excavation equipment and are used for exactly what their name suggests. They drive piles into the earth and they are great for making the foundations for buildings. This equipment is necessary to carry out successful construction projects.

Excavators are pieces of machinery that are used for the sole purpose of digging and removing small rocks, excess sand pebbles that are in your way of digging the perfect swimming pool. It is said that its perfect use is to dig swimming pools and some say it is why it was created in the first place.

Augers are a type of equipment used for drilling. It is a tool that resembles a large cork screw. It is great for drilling long thin holes into your garden for planting trees, for instance. You could also use it to remove rocks or other objects that may hamper your project in some way.

Cranes are also often seen around cities where high buildings are being constructed. They are used to lift heavy loads and hoist them upward where they are needed, maybe from the ground to the 5th floor. They can also be used to move debris or offcuts of massive steel beams, etc.

Post Hole Diggers are designed to drill/dig holes in the ground in order to put up a wooden post. Installers of lapas will often use one to secure the supporting pillars of the lapa. It is also a great piece of earthmoving equipment for putting up fencing or telephone poles.

Whether you are building a pool or a massive building, you will need earthmoving equipment that is in good working order. With CJ Earthmoving Repairs, you are garunteed to have equipment that won’t quit until you do.

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