Some unconventional uses of earthmoving equipment.

Some unconventional uses of earthmoving equipment

As with most big machines, you will find some people that will use them in rather interesting ways. Man is constantly pushing the boundaries of safety and even stupidity. Using earth moving machines for uses that they are not intended for can be very dangerous to you and also the people around you and can result in serious injury.

People have taken old earth moving machines to the next level and they have discovered the fun side to these massive pieces of equipment.

A swing

A video went viral a while ago whereby people were using an old excavator as a kind of a swing. A rope was attached to the bucket of the excavator. One of the men would hang onto the rope and another guy would lift the bucket a few meters into the air. The operator/driver would start turning the rotating part of the excavator, causing the man holding onto the rope to start spinning around the excavator. As momentum builds up, the swinger gets faster and faster. The swinger is now swinging around the excavator at quite a speed but he seemed to be having the time of his life. There was no safety rope or anything present and he could’ve got seriously hurt.

A Hot tub/pool

Another way to utilise and old excavator, is to fill the bucket with water. Some buckets are pretty big and this would make for a descent sized hot tub type vibe. You can relax in your new custom made hot tub all day long and just reminisce about the gold days when your earth moving equipment was still functioning.

A waterfall

Excavators can hold quite a lot of water and the diggers can be lifted pretty high. People have filled the buckets with water and hoisted them as high as they can go. They stand under the bucket and wait for the water to be dumped on top of them. The water comes out of the bucket at a quite a speed and it accelerates every second until it hits the ground. The water is of sufficient volume and speed to knock flat on the ground as it hits you. It’s like taking on a massive wave in the ocean.

These uses sound quite fun and can entertain you, but wouldn’t you prefer it if your earthmoving equipment still worked like it did on the first day you got it? With CJ Earthmoving Repairs, you can rest assured that we will service and repair all of your earth moving machinery and it will operate 100% until its lifespan is over.

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