What is a Bulldozer?

The word “bulldozer” is commonly referred to specify heavy equipment, but specifically indicates a tractor. Bulldozers are heavy equipment that are capable to move heavy loads and clearing rubble. Generally, bulldozers are massive and strong. The gigantic machines have an integral metal blade that is used to drive a significant amount of sand, soil, etc. The two major components of a bulldozer are the blade and the ripper. The ripper is the extended device at the rear of the bulldozer. The ripper is used for ripping hard earth for agricultural purposes and hard soils for planting. The blade is the heavy plate at the front of the bulldozer that is used to shove soil, sand, etc.

Types of Bulldozers:
Most bulldozers are modified by replacing the blade with a bucket and hydraulic arms. More functions of the bulldozer include deforestation, ground flattening and earth removal. We can label bulldozers based on the following factors:
• Type of Blade: Various bulldozers use several types of blades. Depending on the blade, they are used at different construction sites. Straight blade bulldozers are most useful for surface and evening of soil. The universal blade is best for scooping and pushing works. Combining the two blades allow for working with heavy loads, as they cannot do this alone.
• Hybrid Bulldozers: These are advanced equipment that make use of electronic components and a combination of blades that are used in water logged and harsh conditions. Today’s bulldozers are able to work in swampy conditions.
• Mobility Factors: Track and tire bulldozers are major types of bulldozers. A tire bulldozer has better mobility and are light in weight, however are unable to lift heavy loads. Track bulldozers are best for hard surfaces, this is because they damage soft surfaces. Track bulldozers are also suitable for hauling purposes, whereas tire bulldozers are best for levelling.
Bulldozer modifications are endlessly being performed to fulfil the requirements of bulldozers.
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