Using and Maintaining Diff Locks

Your fleet is made up of many essential components which are required to ensure continued operation of your heavy-duty vehicles, as well as the ability to do so safely. One such component is the diff lock, which is important for remaining uniform traction on the tires of your vehicle, and as such, are essential wherever fleets are being used to conduct business. So let’s find out a little more about what they do, how they work, and how they should be looked after.
What are Diff Locks?
Open diffs, as opposed to locked ones, tend to do little in terms of keeping wheels together as though they are on a common shaft, whereas diff locks do this to force both wheels to turn together as though they are. This allows them to get better traction on harsh or unstable landscapes; and as such makes them particularly well suited to certain situations, functions and environments.
Where Would They Best Be Used?
As you would expect from the information above, diff locks are best suited and most widely used on heavy duty vehicles and earthmoving equipment where stability and traction often come as a bit of a challenge. They can be found in use anywhere where construction, mining and logistics is a key part of processes, and where safety and stability are essential to these processes. They are also often a feature on civilian class 4×4 vehicles, where they are employed to maintain better standards of safety.
When Should I Maintain Them?
Like all of the components associated with your fleet, diff locks will take damage overtime, and this damage will come from a number of sources. IT could be due to ageing and weathering, rust or corrosion, or even from accidents. Because of this your diff locks should be inspected regularly as part of their regular services. Should any repairs be required, they should be conducted by an earthmoving equipment and transmission repair technician, to ensure that no unnecessary complications contribute to additional downtime

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